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Principal Desk
The principal of St.Paul School Dewagana Punde has completed her M.A., M.Ed. and has 12 years experienced. She has attended the principal conference twice and she is visionary who looks forward to make this school the best school in Nagpur. She says Education is not the amount of information that is put into a child's brain & remains there for the whole of his life. It is helping the child to realize his potentialities. Education commences at the mothers knees, is carried on with teacher's hand and builds his life & character. It is the ability to meet life's situations & this is exactly what we are try in to do at St. Paul School. Only imparting knowledge does not help, we should aim at virtuous actions, which are a result of right knowledge. 
Dear students, I wish you success all through your life & pray that the knowledge gained in the school may lead you on a path of virtues.